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PortNordica draws upon the respective expertise of Bruce PorterTony Anderson and Ole-Thomas Joergensen.

PortNordica’s principals have a recent track record of over AUD $5 billion of project loan successes and 30 plus years continuous banking and loan arranging experience at the forefront of the industry.

By taking a counter-cyclical approach, PortNordica can secure, place, syndicate and manage, long-term annuity style investments.

PortNordica financial engineer and produce wealth management products for its Directors, family and the broader Investor group.

PortNordica differentiates itself from others by its focus on risk identification and investment alignment. Low upfront fees, strong co-investment and performance based remuneration are its point of difference. PortNordica only profits when the investors' returns are achieved.  

PortNordica identifies opportunities in the changing financial environment and facilitates solutions for developers, investors, receivers, liquidators, mortgage funds and banks.

PortNordica has a growing portfolio of 1st ranking mortgages (under its Sovereignty brand), a portfolio of 2nd ranking debt syndicates and, all in all, $2.8 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities (residential-backed loan trail commission rights).