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PortNordica offers structured financial investment products within the maritime sector.

Shipping finance is a proven global investment product yet is relatively new to Australia. Norway is the home of global shipping finance in a structured form suited to Australian investors.

PortNordica acts for a number of highly regarded professional shipping finance broking companies domiciled in Oslo, Norway.  

When making a shipping finance investment the sophisticated investor does so to achieve a rapidly amortising annuity style income stream with quarterly payments. This alternative investment class is linked to world-trade and the increasingly important resource sectors dependence on shipping. The product is only suitable for sophisticated investors, wealth managers and institutional investors.

PortNordica's range of investment offerings includes:

  • Single vessel(s) ownership
  • Distressed opportunities (taking advantage of trade cycles)

The international shipping industry uses USD as its trading currency. Investors need to consider the currency risks, which may affect their return on investment.