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PortNordica is a boutique capital provider offering the market 1st and 2nd ranking debt funding to developers, off market transnational services for the Manufactured Home Park industry and property related assets.

Since 2008 the Australian financial markets (banks) have penalised all illiquid property assets. 

More particularly the ground rules have changed and remain unbalanced in the Lender's favour.  In Australia there is currently a massive shortfall in debt demanded and funding capacity.

Many previously viable assets are not funded by the banking market. 

PortNordica is in the business of making astute counter cyclical investments and has the available capital sources to back its intentions.

PortNordica brings together astute management, smart capital, professional systems and aligned investment techniques to craft a viable, niche investment products.

PortNordica has access to capital for:

- 1st and 2nd ranking debt for developers and purchasers of property
- Portfolios of debt
- Manufactured Home Parks
- Income-producing assets

PortNordica subsequently offer its investor base a wholesale investment product within the very same sectors.

Since 2009, PortNordica's investments have totalled $322 million. Total equity capital employed to date equals $232 million, augmented with $90 million of debt. Of equity investments, some $189 million has been returned to investors, generating a healthy return on investment.