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PortNordica facilitates, distributes and manages the establishment of the next generation of property investment products.

A different approach

The product offered is unique as it brings together features not previously combined by past industry offerings. PortNordica's wholesale products will combine:

  • Fixed term stand-alone investment trusts
  • Uncomplicated structures and assets
  • Transparency (no smoke and mirrors)
  • Aligned interests between investor and manager
  • Strong co-investment
  • Active investor involvement
  • Low upfront fees and low costs generally
  • Property investments based upon the quality and length of certain income

Returns that add up 

Returns from property ('R') are a combination of cash income ('I') plus rental and capital growth ('G'), ('R=I+G').  To maximise both return components, the focus is:

  1. buy well
  2. strong long-dated income streams (tenants on long leases)
  3. an achievable plan and strategy for the Investment and its Management
  4. pick investments with strong or locked-in growth potential and/or fixed rental increases
  5. carefully using or not using debt (much of the risk of the last two downturns has been debt related)
  6. coupling the above with professional property management and the project marketing skills of PortNordica