PortNordica prides itself on delivering uncomplicated yet efficient, aligned, risk mitigated investment services.

PortNordica is a boutique investment group providing:

  • Property Investment Trusts
  • Debt Investment Products
  • Property, Financial and Advisory Services
  • 1st and 2nd ranking debt funding to Developers
  • Mortgage-backed Security Investment Products
  • Private Equity co-investment opportunities in the mortgage broker industry
  • Maritime Financial Products
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PortNordica specialises in project finance, debt restructuring and establishment of wholesale investment products.

PortNordica provides capital, financial advisory services to owners and purchasers of property assets.

PortNordica has extensive 'work-out' expertise and doesn't shy away from illiquid or difficult assets.

PortNordica pursues uncomplicated pure real estate investments with low levels of risk. 

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Private Equity

PortNordica is an active buyer of businesses (and commission trails) in the mortgage manager and broking industry.

PortNordica subsequently syndicate the acquisitions into whole investment products using its AFSL licence.

PortNordica via its subsidiary Australian Loans & Mortgages serve as an attractive party for brokers to transact when/if they wish to build economies of scale or to exit the industry.

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Maritime investment products are proven international financial investment products. Shipping investments are sound and well-structured by world standards.

PortNordica's expertise emanates from Norway where shipping are staple investments. In Australia shipping investments as an asset class are in their infancy.